The Train2game and Epic Game jam

Forty Eight Hours, One Goal

Train2Game, in conjunction with Epic Games and the University of Bedfordshire, is hosting a 48 hour Game Jam starting on Friday 4th November 2011. Bringing both students and non-students together for a weekend for a common goal - to make a great game.

The first Train2Game Epic Game Jam has now ended!

If you couldn't be there, You can keep up to date with what happened at the Train2Game Blog

Before the previous Train2Game Game Jam earlier this year, the Train2Game blog spoke to Mediatonic Director of Games Paul Croft about the benefits of game jams. Mediatonic themselves use them internally to create ideas for new games.

“I think it’s really good as it shows that you’re passionate and want to go beyond, and you’re actually genuinely enthusiastic and enjoy what you’re doing.” said Croft on the subject of Train2Game students participating in Game Jams.

“ It shows that it’s more than a job for you and you do it to have fun, you do it because you like it and that’s really the best indication that someone is going to good at their job is if they like it, so I’d say it can definitely help you from that regard. They might not be great portfolio pieces, because they’re kind of hacked together, but I guess with a 48 hour Game Jam you can get something pretty decent together in that time.”

He added that taking part in a Game Jam is also just a lot of fun.

“I encourage people to do Game Jams, I think it’s a great way to – of you’re in the industry or not in the industry – to break out, have fun. I personally like to do Game Jams because I get to do programming again. Just get involved and do it!”

Read the full interview with Mediatonic Director of Games Paul Croft here on the Train2Game blog.

 The Train2Game and Epic Game Jam swinners will get the opportunity to ‘Make Something Unreal Live’ at The Gadget Show Live.

All profits from the contest will be donated to The Prince's Trust Charity that helps the development and improvement of young people, and provides opportunities for them to develop to their full capacity.

Get Jamming!

The Game Jam is Open Source, hardware and software agnostic and all projects are protected under a Creative Commons License. We encourage people to try out new ideas and push themselves within reason, everyone needs to eat and sleep and stay at their best!

  • Dates: 6pm Friday 4th November 2011 to 6pm Sunday 6th November 2011 (48 Hours)
  • Location: University of Bedfordshire
  • Format: Teams of 6 to 10 members
  • Participants: Existing Train2Game students (limited number), non Train2Game students
  • Existing games industry professinals are excluded from this event.
  • Age Limit: 17+
  • Cost: Free for existing Train2Game students
  • £35 per person for non Train2Game students
  • Provided: Bag, t-shirt plus extras (TBC) for every participant

Created in 2008, Train2Game (T2G) is the only online blended learning college that offers people the chance to qualify as a Games DesignerGames DeveloperGames Artist and Animator or Games QA Tester with a TIGA Diploma and was created to meet the specific industry skills shortages as recognised by TIGA.

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T2G Game Jam Schedule

Day 1 – Arrival


  • Registration starts from 2pm onwards
  • 6pm: Keynote speaker launches event - theme announced!

Day 2 - Work


  • Jam continues non stop

Day 3 - Work


  • Midday : Game hand in process distributed
  • 3pm : game submission starts
  • 5pm : game submission finishes - Judging starts
  • 5:45pm : judging finishes
  • 6pm:  winners are announced - event closes